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Natural perfume

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Cork mats

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Natural body oils

Pamper your skin with our body oils

Z našej duše pre tú tvoju

Our mission is simple, to pamper yourself. Whether in a room with a balanced mind on a cork mat during exercise or after a shower or bath while pampering your skin with natural oil. It is important to start.

Eco friendly

We work only with natural ingredients and materials. We try to put as little of a burden on our nature as possible, and Soouly is eco friendly as much as it is possible for us right now.

From soul

Without love and soul nothing is possible. We produce our products exclusively with the help of these two ingredients.


You will find one special sentence on each Soouly product - an affirmation, which is a small but powerful tool for changing your thinking in positive way.

The mat adheres beautifully to the ground and does not move. The cork surface does not slip either, which is a big advantage for faster exercise. The beautiful design only complements the good impression I get from it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to invest and have an exercise mat that will last a long time :)


nadherna vona, prakticke balenie, uzastne zlozenie, moje oblubene vone. nahrada za telovy krem.


Podložka je priam božská, krásny dizajn a výborne sa mi na nej cvičí. Hľadala som silnú podložku, ktorá znesie viac ako klasické a nezačne sa časom akoby drobiť/rozpadať. Cvičím na nej všetko, hlavne silové cvičenia vlastnou váhou a vôbec netlačí, neohýba sa, nešmýka sa... Vrelo doporučujem :) za mňa obrovská spokojnosť...


Quiet your mind, it´s one of the most precious things in the world