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Cork mats

How is the cork & rubber bonded?

There are no glues or harsh chemicals added or used. The cork is bonded to the rubber at high temperature, no glue is used. Because rubber has a high viscosity when hot.

Doesn't the cork peel off after a few uses?

This is a common phenomenon with cheaper variants, which are also lighter because their lower part is made of PVC. Here, the technique for processing cork is improved, the cork is finer to prevent peeling.

Won't we break the cork?

No, he don't, one of the basic points of caring for a cork mat is that we always roll it out with a cork after exercise. This will prevent the breaking and mishandling that destroys the cork.

Why don't we just use natural materials in our packaging?

We use paper adhesive tapes and residual materials from large format printing, which we recycle in this way :)

Body oils

I purchased the same product, but its smell and color are a little different from the previous one. Is that okay?

Yes, it's completely ok, differences in color or smell may occur when the product comes from a different production batch. This is affected by the raw materials that are used. Since all ingredients are natural, diversity is natural.


Which countries do we ship to?

We are currently shipping to CZ, HU, PL, AT, DE, HR, SI, RO, BG in addition to Slovakia.

Who pays the postage on the complaint?

Postage is paid by the buyer for complaints. Please do not send us the goods that are the subject of the cash on delivery claim, such shipments will not be accepted.