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About us

Back to nature. Back to yourself.


We all have stories we want to tell. Here's ours.

Story of Soouly began recently as a desire to do something that would fulfill me and at the same time bring joy and peace to the lives of others.

I combined my two loves - movement and selflove. Yoga and pampering, daily rituals that help you return to yourself. Rituals that will make you happy when you feel great and that will give you peace and balance when you are having a bad day and feel wrong in your own skin. Soouly was created in response to what I was looking for.

We believe that the world can be good. And we believe that the world is as good as the people who care for it. But what kinds of people can take care of the world? Those who are relaxed, active and feel good in their skin.

We understand that only when our body, mind and soul are in balance can we be who we really are, feel free, fearless, and do in life what fulfills us.

Soouly is our answer to the haste of this age, the instability of the world, the need to pamper and take care of ourselves. Soouly is our caress for your body and soul.


o nás
Connect with nature. Get back to yourself. Pamper yourself with Soouly.