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Cork yogamat Swallows


Move in the rhythm of your breath and let yourself be carried away by the positive affirmations and unique design under your feet.

Let yourself be grounded by the force of nature. Natural cork mat will connect you with nature and energy.

Suitable for all types of yoga and hot yoga, meditation, pilates, strength training and other forms of exercise.

Material: Mat is made from natural material, cork and natural rubber. The cork is bonded to the rubber at high temperature, no glue is used.

A strap is included of each mat.

Rozmer a hrúbka: 5 mm - 184 x 61 cm

Weight: 5 mm - 3.3 kg


Sustainable and eco-friendly

Korok Cork is an organic and natural material. Cork mats are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. When getting cork, the trees are not cut. Oaks live more than 200 year.

Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

Cork naturally prevents the formation of bacterias, molds and odours. With minimal care, your mat is still clean. Suitable for allergic persons.


The more you sweat, the less you slide. Cork provides a durable, non-slip surface. Perfect for hot yoga classes, but not just those.


Cork mat does not contain any chemicals, toxins, plastics nor PVC. No glue or latex. The mat consists only of cork and natural rubber.

We use water-based inks. There are non-toxic for our planet. .

Over time, this causes the ink to evaporate and the intensity can be kigther. Therefore, sometimes the color may be more intense or less intense. Don't worry, that doesn't mean the design will be lost altogether.


Mats with an original author's design, complemented by positive affirmations that strengthen believe in yourself and give another reason to smile during the exercise.

Simple care

Wipe with a clean, wet towel before first use. Wash with wet towel, add mild detergent if needed, air dry. Always turn the cork out. To clean, simply wipe with a cloth, a little soap and warm water. It is not possible to wash in the washing machine. In case of excessive sweating, wet, let the mat first dry and then roll up. Store in the shade and avoid prolonged sunlight.

Cork yogamat Swallows


Customer Reviews

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Perfect mat for everyone

You can pick the right mat for you. Not only will you be connected more with nature, you will also inhale the message from each mat. These mats take yoga to the next level. A new experience. I love it!