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Refresh spray


Scented and effective. It is the Soouly natural refresh spray on cork mats, which will guarantee you an anti-slip surface during exercise. 

Cork mats respond to sweat, more you sweat, the less you slip. But not always you sweat with every exercise. Activate your mat with a refresh spray to get extra grip.

It will help against slipping, but also to smell the space during exercise or meditation.

  • Breathe will bring you and mat the scent of perpermint, lemon grass and eucalyptus


  • Mindfulness will bring you and mat the scent of lavender and orange


  • Namaste will bring you and mat the scent of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves

Shake the spray and spray an appropriate amount of the product on a mat before exercise. Use it especially for places where you will place your hands and feet.

You can also use it to scent the space.

Refresh spray